Filled Puff Puff


Puff-Puff is a popular African street food loved by both grown up and children. It can be served for breakfast, snack time or even as a dinner party dessert.

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Made fresh and fried in sunflower oil

Oreo – Flour, Sugar, Salt, Nutmeg, Yeast and Oreo 

Chocolate – Flour, Sugar, Salt, Nutmeg, Yeast and Milk Chocolate

Nutella – Flour, Sugar, Salt, Nutmeg, Yeast and Nutella


Pop in the microwave or oven for a few minutes before eating.


Contains gluten, milk.

All orders are made in a kitchen that handles nuts, soyabean, seeds and milk. While we have measures in place to reduce cross-contamination, some of our products may contain traces of the allergens mentioned above.

Please contact us if you have any allergies or dietary requirements and we shall do our best to cater to you.


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Chocolate, Nutella, Oreo


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